Azure Infrastructure Fundamentals Webinars – part 1

Earlier on this year, we had a set of online sessions covering Azure Infrastructure fundamentals. In addition to those sessions, as some of you asked, please find below the links to the sessions, the slides, demos and step by steps guides to reproduce the demos!

Session 1: Azure Infrastructure Overview

We will get started with an overview of Azure datacenters and servers’ infrastructure, we will then study the best tools to get started with administering your first resources in Azure and then undercover the fundamental of grouping resources and delegating their access.

Session on demand:



Demos references:


Session 2: Azure Virtual Machines

In this session, we continue our exploration of Azure services with virtual machines and everything related to them: storage, network, monitoring and the basics of security.

Session on demand:


1. VM Creation

2. VM Management

Demo references:

That’s it for today, in the next post, more details on the other episodes of the serie!


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